Pyramid STEM Competition


You can do this competition at any time.  Consider starting with 2-4 teams in each of the following 3 Categories:

Elementary: – Ages 8-10

Middle School – Ages 11-14

High School – Ages 15-17

Individuals that are not part of a team will be combined to make a team.


Everyone is a winner in this competition.  However, prizes will be awarded

A Pyramid STEM Competition can be held at anytime.  This competition is designed as a fun challenge using brainteasers.  It will challenge the participants by using their logical and cognitive skills and can also help improve their memory. These skills are critical to those considering a STEM career.  Although targeted to children, the Pyramid STEM Competition can be done by children and adults.  Success on any small scale, such as completing a puzzle, can do wonders to an individual’s self-confidence and could lead to a desire to do more.

How to Structure the Competition:

The Pyramid STEM challenge is equivalent to an Olympics.  Each team or individual will be required to participate in all of the categories to complete the competition.  For a team approach there are two options: 1) have a team of 5, each member will do one of the first 5 competitions and the team will complete the puzzle together or 2) every team member completes each category and the scores are totaled.  The team or individual with the highest total score wins.


All categories are timed.  Points are based upon order of time completed, with a maximum time given for each category.  For example, if there are 5 participants, 1st place get 5 points, 2nd place gets 4 points, ties get the same points, and last gets 1 point.


There are a number of commercial products that are brain teasers or manipulators which can be used to test logical and cognitive skills.  A sample list of products are:

  1. Rubix or Magic Cube – any version
  2. Suduko – any book
  3. 4 or more Piece Pyramid puzzle
  4. 3-D Puzzle – any company
  5. 1 Dimensional Puzzles
  6. 50-55 Piece Lego, Zoob or connector product

Time limits can be determined based upon the grade or age level of those competing or picking the age-appropriate version of the product or increasing the number of pieces.


We encourage organizations to register their competitions on our website.  We hope to gain sponsors each year from the products specified for that year.  Perhaps getting either discount purchase coupons or free products.  We can also assist you with discounted bulk purchases.


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