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Be an Exhibitor or Vendor 

Hands-on exhibits will help convey the value and excitement that working with technology can bring.  Your informative handout will educate us and expose us to the many resources available.

If you have a product to sell, this is the perfect opportunity to expose it to the consumers.  They will be excited to take home something related to the many technologies that peaked their interest.  You also might have a unique or interesting history-related or cultural product that we would love to have.  We have a limited amount of space for vendors.

DEADLINE:  February 25th.

Download the  PSTEM Showcase Exhibit Agreement

Be a Program Participant or Speaker

Help lead an educational session – teach us anything that can help us navigate the world of technology.  Entertainment that is also educational makes a broader and lasting impression.  I know you can do it!

A children’s corner helps us get an early start at building a stronger generation.   Email or call us if you can participate or Download the exhibit/speaker agreement. PSTEM Showcase Exhibit Agreement

Be a Volunteer – WHO VOLUNTEERS?

Best friends, judges, booster clubs, moms, attorneys, accountants, secretaries, dads, plumbers, nurses, school service clubs, families, company teams, sororities, fraternities, teachers. People just like YOU.  And we can put you to work if’ you’re sixteen years or older. Volunteers keep things rolling.  Email or call us if you want to assist by working in the following booths and areas:
Administration      *      Coupon      *      Games and Competition     *      Lost Kids     *      VIP      *      Greeters      *      Ticket Taker      *      Sponsor Areas           etc

Compete in the Brainteaser Competition

Schools or Organizations, sign up a 5-member youth team.  Click here for more details on the competition.

join the challenge

Call 215-844-4200 for more information.

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