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Pyramid STEM Showcase 2016 Sat front

Showcase 2016 Sat back

Free to the public, this showcase provides an opportunity for youth, parents, government, industry, educators and organizations to come together to learn and share.  Expected outcomes would be:

  • Provide touch and feel exposure to technologies
  • Encourage interest in STEM to k-12 students
  • Identify STEM-related programs for k-12 and college students
  • Encourage adult interest in particularly information technology as well as all STEM careers
  • Educate everyone on aspects of technology in their day-to-day lives

There are so many organizations that have STEM-related programs, products, services, classes or careers that we all need to know about.  Many might be free or low-cost.  There is also a disparity in the minority and African American communities as it relates to awareness of the various aspects of STEM.  The Pyramid STEM Showcase is the opportunity to get the word out – not just on paper, but with hands-on displays that excite and peak the interest.  So, I’m sure that you have something to share – and we want you there.  If so, complete the attached exhibit application.

An initiative of DHEx Enterprises, the Pyramid STEM Showcase is also being presented by the Greater Exodus Baptist Church and the Hill-McCoy Family Collective.  We welcome anyone considering supporting the Showcase as a volunteer or as a program sponsor, who can assist with a gift of a STEM-related giveaway or a donation towards the giveaways, programming or marketing.  You can also support our Pyramid STEM Challenge initiatives by purchasing through I-Give.

A Pyramid STEM Challenge Initiative and A Philly Tech Week Event

To Become an Exhibitor or Speaker download our 2016 Showcase Exhibit Agreement


sponsor          participant

#pstem16, #ptw16

 For more information, call 215-844-4200

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